Get Your Heart Racing in Queenstown With These Epic Activities!

Destination Queenstown

Queenstown while being picturesque, is also the adrenaline capital of the world! Take a leap of faith with a bungy jump, flying fox or giant swing! Heights not your cup of tea? Surge through the waters of Lake Wakatipu and soak in the best views of the southern alps.


AJ Hackett Bungy

A bungy jump is the essential Queenstown adventure experience. Not only is Queenstown ground-zero for commercial bungy jumping, it’s home to the best bungy jumps and swings in New Zealand and around the world.

Shotover Canyon Swing

After making international headlines by bungy jumping from the Eiffel Tower in 1987, AJ Hackett and business partner Henry van Asch launched the world’s first bungy business here in Queenstown on the historic Kawarau Bridge.

Since then, Queenstown has become home to some of the world’s most thrilling bungy jumps, swings, and ziplines.

AJ Hackett Bungy

If free falling isn’t your thing then KJet offer 60 minutes of spins and exhilaration of speeds up to 45km/h across three of Queenstown’s most picturesque waterways.